pregnancy is a miracle, a miracle in which our bodies and muscles stretch. even our organs shift around to make room for our growing babies. So, it is no surprise that after our babies arrive, we have a lot of healing to do. Postpartum stomach binding is one form of postpartum recovery that may help you heal faster. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about it below!

It is crucial to note that postpartum stomach binding must not be used as a way to get your body back to the way it was before pregnancy. Your body spent 9 months creating new life and it should have your kindness and grace postpartum. The purpose of postpartum stomach binding is solely that of healing; to supply support and gentle compression.

What is stomach Binding?

Belly binding is typically made with a stretchy material that you wrap around your waist from your ribs to your hips. There are lots of different stomach binding wraps out there. They are normally adjustable and are secured with Velcro. They compress your abdomen and help, for a lack of a better term, squish, your stomach back together.

Belly binding has lots of benefits. Below, I’ll go over the pro’s and con’s to stomach binding and I’ll give my personal experiences so that you can decide if it is ideal for you.

Pros of Postpartum stomach Binding

There are lots of positives to stomach binding if done correctly. first and foremost, it will give you support. during pregnancy, you lose a lot of muscle strength in your abdomen and back. The wrap will give you the support you need for good posture and to help you step and walk much easier after you have a baby.

When you lose your muscle strength during pregnancy, basic things like sitting up in bed can be a challenge. If you use a stomach binder, you will have the added support that your body needs to do the basic things that you could do pre-pregnancy.

Getting everything Back in Place

Another benefit of stomach binding is that it can help your uterus shrink. Your uterus stretches to accommodate your growing baby. According to, it can stretch up to “500 times” it’s original size. Det är sinnessjukt! After your baby is born, your uterus will begin to shrink on its own, but a stomach binder will absolutely help this process go faster.

The binder uses gentle compression to essentially deflate your uterus. think about when you deflate an inner tube. If you push on it or compress it, it goes back to its original state much faster. The same holds true for your uterus.

Belly binding will also assist in putting your organs back into place. When you’re pregnant, your organs step around to make room for your growing baby which is incredibly cool. However, after the baby is born, your organs don’t just jump back in place. A stomach binder will give your abdomen the gentle nudge and pressure it needs to guide your organs back to where they belong.

The gentle compressions of a stomach binder can also help your skin regain its elasticity. By putting gentle pressure on your skin, your skin can recover faster and help rid your body of some of the swelling and excess fluids that you get while pregnant.

The big benefit for C-section Mamas

Belly binding can be especially helpful in healing for mommies who had a C-section. However, as a C-section is a major surgery you must speak with your doctor before deciding to wear one.

Cons of Postpartum stomach Binding

There are risks related to using the wrong kind of stomach wrap or wearing one too tightly, including pelvic floor prolapse, pain, and rashes.

Another con of using a stomach band is that in buy to get the most from it, you need to wear it nearly all hours of the day for about a month or two. That’s a big commitment. A stomach binder feels like a continual squeeze around your midsection, so if you don’t like the pressure, it will be hard to wear it all of the time.

Belly binding can also interfere with your clothing. The wraps can be a little bulky and fitting them under your clothing can be difficult.

My Experience with Postpartum stomach Binding

I wore a stomach binder after both of my pregnancies and I have recommended them to all of my expecting girlfriends. The wraps not only gave me the support that I needed, but it also helped shrink my uterus, and put my organs back in place. It really gave me the confidence I needed after being pregnant.

My first Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with my oldest, I saw an advertisement for a stomach binder in a pregnancy magazine and I didn’t know what it was. So, like any millennial, I Googled it. I did a little research on what stomach binders were and I liked what I read. I bought my stomach binder after I had my daughter while I was still in the healthcare facility and it came ideal away. 

Check out a couple of other postpartum stomach binders we recommend;


Jag var tillägnad wrap och bar det så mycket som jag kunde och jag fann att min kropp återhämtade sig snabbt efter min graviditet. Jag bar min wrap nästan hela dagen, varje dag i ungefär en månad. Jag älskade det stöd det använde mig i helande!

Postpartum magbindning med min andra graviditet

Med min andra graviditet var jag redo och förberedd för magbindemedlet. Jag tog med mig till sjukvårdsanläggningen och började ha på sig samma dag som jag levererade min son. Andra gången, kände jag att min kropp behövde omslaget, även mycket mer än första gången. Min livmoder kände sig extra stor och sträckt ut, min hud var extra stretchig, och mina insider kände sig så förskjutna. Den här gången behövde jag omslaget för att känna sig starkare och mycket mer stödd mot första gången när jag gjorde det mycket mer för fåfänga.

Efter att ha haft mitt magbindemedel i totalt två månader såg min kropp äntligen ut som den hade före min andra graviditet. Detta hjälpte med mitt förtroende oerhört och fick mig att må bra om min starka och skickliga kropp. Den kvinnliga kroppen är en exceptionell sak. Vi kan sträcka våra bäckar till max och sedan träna våra kroppar för att vara starka igen.

Totalt sett uppväger proffs på magen bindande om du frågar mig. De ger dig styrkan i din midsection, hjälp med svullnad, krympande livmodern, lägger dina organ tillbaka på plats, och till och med hjälper till att säkra snitt. Det finns en anledning att magbindning har funnits i århundraden och jag är säker på att det kommer att vara runt i århundraden att komma. Var noga med att kolla in alla våra favorit mage wraps här!

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Vanliga frågor

Gör postpartum magbindemedel?

Postpartum magbindemedel arbetar för att leverera stöd och försiktig kompression. De kan hjälpa till att stiga dina muskler och organ tillbaka på plats mycket snabbare efter att ha fött.

Är postpartum mage wrap nödvändig?

Nej, det är inte nödvändigt att bära en postpartum mage wrap. Massor av mommies som att ha det extra stödet efter att deras kroppar har gått igenom så mycket som bär sin bebis och föds.

Hur länge måste du binda din mage efter födseln?

Vanligtvis måste du ha på sig din postpartum magbindemedel i ungefär en månad. Det beror på vilken mage wrap du väljer och din läkare eller barnmorskans rekommendation.

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